Portal: The First Slice 1.0

Portal: The First Slice 1.0

Excellent demonstration of the Portal series and its unique gameplay mechanics
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Portal: The First Slice is an excellent demonstration of the Portal series and its unique gameplay mechanics. The puzzles are challenging and the use of the portal gun is incredibly satisfying. The level design is intuitive and allows for a variety of tactics and strategies to complete each level. The visuals are simple yet effective, and the sound design is immersive and atmospheric. Overall, Portal: The First Slice is an enjoyable experience that is sure to please Portal fans and newcomers alike.

Portal is one of the most innovative video games released in the past few years. The game is a first person "shooter." However, you don't actually shoot anything other than a special gun you are given. The gun is called Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device or "portal gun." With it, you can "bend" the physics' rules. In order to get from A to B, you have to shoot the wall with your portal gun, and it will open a passage to point B directly. This might not sound exhilarating, but it is indeed very addictive and fun. Most video game sites, like Gamespot, IGN, and more, have given Portal straight A's. You are surely going to like it. The plot of the game is somewhat hard to explain. It suffices to say that you are introduced to an interface which gives you audio messages explaining what it is that you have to do throughout the game. You are taken to a facility where the controls are shown to you and you can try them out. Although not the easiest game to master out there, Portal is definitely worth a try.
Portal: First Slice is an official demo, released initially for NVidia graphic cards owners. It is now freely distributed through Steam.

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